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How to Make the Most of Brandbass

Video is the highest-converting content format, but brands rarely take advantage of videos because they often take weeks and thousands of dollars to produce. Time really is money, and most businesses, especially small businesses and boutique brands, do not have the time or money to hire photographers, set up a production, send revisions, and wait for edits.

This is how Brandbass can help — allowing you to take advantage of video to amplify awareness and drive sales without waiting weeks for a finished product or spending thousands on influencers who demand exorbitant rates to finish work on their own schedule.

Brandbass connects brands with vetted content creators who can be selected based on their fit for a brand. When you need a video to promote a product, Brandbass connects you with an ambassador who will get the job done in days or hours. Then, we use our technology to amplify your content across social channels, review platforms like Yelp, and e-commerce storefronts. That’s how you can use Brandbass to drive awareness and sales with consistent, affordable, easy-to-make video content.

For brands wondering how to make the most of Brandbass, we wrote this article not only to provide our point of view on the big picture but also to cover the specifics of creating videos. Here’s what you need to know to start making the most of Brandbass if you’re considering the platform or have signed up and don’t know where to start.

The first question you should ask yourself is what you need to promote. Is it a product or service? A collection? Your brand as a whole?

Consider what’s coming up not just next week but over the next few months. Then, post gigs to start creating professional-looking content to promote your items, services, and brand.

For example, let’s say you’re an apparel brand or retailer with a spring line. Get thirty gigs posted now, in the middle of winter, so that you can find ambassadors who will create the content required to stimulate demand for those products as spring approaches. Maybe you want to focus on LA or have a second location in New York — take advantage of our location-based features to find ambassadors who can speak to those audiences specifically.

Brandbass allows you to identify specific content types to set clear expectations for the ambassador and ensure both parties get the most out of the collaboration. We divide content types into the product, collection, and brand levels. For example, do you want to promote a specific item, such as a doll for young girls? That’s a product video. A set of yoga equipment? That’s a collection. Your mission or brand launch? A brand video.

Here are the types of videos and examples of each, all of which you can specify in the app:

At a Product Level (think red dress, pink lipstick, baby bottle, home goods, any item):

  • Show Product in Use (any category)
  • Show an Unboxing (any category)
  • Show Before and After (beauty/skincare)
  • Show Styling Tips (fashion)
  • Review and Promote (any category)
  • Create your Own

At a Collection Level (think a fall collection of fur jackets, summer nail polish color shades, yoga equipment collection, etc.):

  • Videoshoot at Location
  • Livestream at Location
  • Screenshare
  • Review and Promote
  • Create your Own

At a Brand Level (a big-picture video promoting not a specific item or set of items but rather your company as a whole):

  • Share Mission Statement
  • Shoutout at Location
  • Share Latest News
  • Review and Promote
  • Create your Own

Brandbass is used by businesses across the e-commerce supply chain, including wholesalers, drop shippers, retailers, and direct-to-consumer brands. Anyone seeking to generate attention for products, services, or their brand can get value out of Brandbass videos.

Once you’ve posted a gig, matched with an ambassador, and have reviewed and approved the ambassador’s video, Brandbass will allow you to download the video and publish it to a number of platforms of your choosing to reach current and prospective customers, boost awareness, and drive sales. The video will be watermarked, meaning you will own the rights to it and can publish it wherever you like without copyright concerns. For example, you might post the video to your website and company Facebook page, online storefronts such as Amazon, and review sites like Yelp where people are searching for you. If you require it, your ambassador will also post it to their own channels, and we’ll add it to our marketplace to further boost reach.

Brandbass recommends that small businesses post gigs at least once per day and larger businesses multiple times per day. One of the key differentiators of our platform is how cheap and fast it is to create videos; we hope our brands will take advantage of that to create traction for their products, repeatedly reaching customers and crafting content around the many different selling points of products instead of hoping one expensive video will move the needle.

For example, you might create content that highlights reviews of your products to substantiate their value and generate buy-in from prospective customers. For this, you can turn to a number of different ambassadors who can provide reviews likely to reach different audiences and ideal customer personas. You can also test different video types. A home goods brand might promote a new cooking product with an unboxing and also a product demonstration.

Brandbass powers an on-demand gig economy, not a conventional video production studio. We’re here to help you capitalize on both gigs and social commerce, providing a gateway to the next generation of selling and marketing online.

The days of all brands going to expensive marketing agencies are over. You can get your products in front of customers today without breaking the bank or spending too much of your own limited time. Your next promotional video is just a posted gig away.