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How do I know my profile has been approved?

Click on “Settings” on the app menu - there, you will see your profile is set to either “Active” or “Inactive.” If your profile is set to “Inactive,” it means it has not yet been approved. Make sure you have completed your profile, including uploading your video resume - without a video resume we are not able to approve your profile.

We ask that ambassadors try to turn around their videos within one week of receiving the product if possible, or two weeks at the absolute maximum. If you are able to send your content sooner, that’s even better! The faster you send your content, the more likely you will be to receive a higher rating from brands, and ambassadors with a higher overall rating will be more likely to receive perks like faster pay rate increases and priority access to additional gigs. If a one-week timeline is not workable for you, be sure to communicate this to the brand using the chat feature so that they know when to expect your content and your rating is not affected by delays.

Yes! Feel free to have your rep run your Brandbass account on your behalf.

If you need help navigating your relationship with a brand, simply select “Campaigns” on the app menu, and click the “Help” icon in the top right corner. Submit the issue you need resolved, and our team will arbitrate the issue so that it is resolved fairly.

Yes! Rest assured that your personal contact information is stored in our company database and can only be accessed by authorized company staff if we need it to assist for any customer service. For further details, you can see our Privacy Policy from the Settings page in the app.

If you are matched for a campaign, a brand can request any necessary information directly from you via the in-app messaging feature (for example, shipping address, size/color preference for the sample they need to send over to you, etc), so brands will only have access to your contact information if you personally provide it to them.

Regarding payment information, we integrate with Stripe, so neither Brandbass nor any of our brand partners have access to any of your personal payment information or banking account details. When you complete a gig and the brand signs off, you will receive a payout instantly via Stripe.

Payments are processed automatically as soon as a brand approves your content! Before you accept your first gig, be sure to set up your Stripe account through the app by selecting “Settings” on the app menu and then selecting “Payment Accounts.” This will prompt you to create a Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe account, it will prompt you to create a new Brandbass-linked account which will show up as a secondary tab on your primary Stripe account. Once a payment is processed, it will show up under this tab in Stripe, and the funds will be automatically deposited to your preferred bank account within 3-5 days.