Finally, brands can get on-demand social content from creators

Our algorithm automatically surfaces ambassadors who meet your ideal profile. Once you choose an ambassador, we provide types of content you can select for them to produce. The ambassador sends you what they’ve created, and you can approve or ask for revisions. Once your content is good to go, publish it to your website and social media and boost sales.

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Social Video

Drives eCommerce


Don't waste your time directly messaging IG influencers and trying to source high-priced shout-outs. Tap into the power of posting video gigs from your phone for content and reach!


Original, on-demand content securely submitted by talented creators through the application. Receive your custom video within days, within the hour.


Nowadays, anyone can be a content creator and having real people as your ambassadors will help you spread the word of mouth and reach new customers.

How does it work?

4-step process of matching

Brandbass ambassadors are not influencers with millions of followers and the exorbitant rates to match. We believe in word of mouth, scrappy ambition, and the authenticity of people eager to generate results for their brand partners.

Our ambassadors are easy to recruit and engage, and they are focused on delivering ROI and earning commissions, not just flashing a product for a second in a video they would have posted anyway.

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